Our mission is to better understand the needs and expectations of consumers.  This is the reason why we would like to know
your opinion  .

So take some time to assess new products and new ways of communication in a pleasant and enjoyable way. 

Your opinion is important !

Indeed ! At the end of each meeting you will receive a financial compensation or a gift. What great way to combine the useful and the pleasant!

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How does our market research proceed ?

After registering on our site, we will send market research proposals, usually by email. A brief questionnaire will be attached in the email and a few questions about your spending habits will be asked. 

We then analyze the results, and if you are "THE TYPE OF CONSUMER WE ARE LOOKING FOR", we will contact you by phone and invite you. 
You are always free to accept or to refuse to participate, but if you agree to participate, we’ll really count on your presence !  

A meeting lasts between 2 and 4 hours and takes place either in daytime or in the evening.  This is a moment of exchange , during which you can express your opinion to influence tomorrow's products .

The financial compensation varies with the length, and is being offered to you at the end of the meeting or paid into your bank account within 8 working days after the meeting.